Day: April 19, 2019

How to Make Your Job Posting Stand Out

April 19, 2019

Job seekers aren’t limited to the local classified section anymore. Today, they can go to numerous places online to apply for the job of their dreams. Although this is convenient for job seekers, it creates a problem for your business. With so many job postings floating around the web, it’s hard to get noticed.

You need to entice job seekers with a standout career opportunity that makes them want to apply to your company over the rest. Here are some easy ways to improve your job posting.

Show some personality

If you want to get a ton of applicants, your job posting needs to show some personality. If the job description sounds stiff and boring, job seekers will scroll on by. People want to work for companies that match their ideals, preferences and personalities; they want to be excited by a company.

One way to connect with job seekers is to highlight your company culture. For instance, if your company is full of dog lovers and you have a “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” once a month, talk about it in your job posting. It might not seem important to include, but it can attract candidates that appreciate such perks to work for your company. Share your company values and beliefs as well. Not only will it make your job post stand out, but it will help you attract like-minded candidates who will fit in with your team.

Add images and video

Job seekers get tired of reading the same old boring job postings, which are typically walls of text. Adding images and video to your job posting will keep potential applicants engaged and pique their interest in your company. Here are some examples of what you could share:

  • Photos of your team to give applicants an idea of
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How to Increase Your Restaurant's Profits in 2019

April 19, 2019

Arguably one of the most competitive business markets today is the restaurant industry. With so many restaurants for people to choose from, finding your niche can be a difficult task. If you’re looking to grow your restaurant and increase your profits, not only do you need to offer exceptional service and a wonderful dining experience, you need to master business and management tactics as well. Ready to turn your restaurant into a major success story? Here are several important strategies that can help you increase your profits this year.

Do Your Research

Owning a restaurant is extremely difficult. From managing employees, balancing finances, implementing marketing campaigns, and pleasing customers, you have to do it all – and no one can be an expert on everything. If you’re ready to expand your restaurant, taking time to conduct research will help guide you in the direction you’re trying to go. Regularly reading restaurant management blogs will give you keen insight from industry professionals on best practices for running your restaurant efficiently. With so many resources available at your fingertips, you can educate yourself on restaurant management practices that help you save money on costs and increase your profits.

Cut Down on Food Waste

We’re all guilty of it, even at home. America is the leading country in food waste, costing billions of dollars each year. One strategy for increasing your profit margin is to focus on cutting down food waste. Start by investing in a food waste tracker. These devices measure food and have a camera that monitors food waste so you can keep an eye on what’s being thrown away (and why). If you still end the day with a surplus of food, you can donate it to food banks to receive a tax break.

Another way to cut …

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Laid off or Fired? Don't Fret, Better Employment Awaits

April 19, 2019

It’s a scenario that every worker dreads. You’ve been called into your supervisor’s office, and you have a bad feeling about what’s coming next. After a few moments, your suspicions are confirmed – you’re either fired or laid off. That’s that. Pack your stuff and leave.

Getting fired or laid off from a job never feels good. And while something like this could feel like a permanent black mark on your employment record, a newly released study by Airtasker suggests being laid off or fired might end up being a good thing.

The first thing to realize after you lose your job is that you’re not alone. Of the 1,400 currently and formerly employed people surveyed in Airtasker’s study, just 41.5% said they’d never been laid off. Conversely, 26.3% said they’d been laid off in the past, 15.1% said they’d been fired, and 17.1% said they’d experienced both.

“You’re fired.”

According to the Airtasker study, most of the more than 800 respondents who reported having been fired before said conflicts in the workplace were mostly to blame. Approximately 30% said they were fired for personality conflicts, 23% said their “boss was a jerk,” 19% blamed their firing on office politics, and 12% said upper management just didn’t like them.

How respondents performed at their old jobs also played a part. Reasons reported include poor performance (18%), regularly showing up late (15%), making too many errors (6%) or breaking an office policy (6%). Budget issues (15%) and being underqualified (7%) were also cited as reasons.

While the respondents who said they’d been fired listed some of the reasons why they thought they’d been let go, just 42% said they’d deserved it.

Airtasker also surveyed employers and found a disconnect between their reasons for letting someone go and the reasons cited by …

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How to Implement Video Marketing without Breaking the Bank

April 19, 2019

Implementing video marketing into your business strategy is an effective way to grow your brand. People love to consume video. In fact, HubSpot research found that 45 percent of people watch an hour or more of video a day. We already know the popularity surrounding video is growing without pause, so why not take full advantage of the opportunity to improve lead generation, capture emails, and encourage engagement?

Adding video marketing to your strategy doesn’t have to be expensive either. Since people already love to consume short, condensed video content that doesn’t take up a lot of their time, there are ways you can streamline your video marketing and stay within your budget. Once your strategy is live, you can watch your ROI soar to new heights.

Here’s how your business can get started with video marketing without going broke.

Research your audience and set goals

How will you create content your audience loves if you aren’t sure what they want? You can’t. That’s why it’s essential to create buyer personas of your customers. A buyer persona is a customer profile that contains specific information about your target audience, helping you understand who they are and what they want, so you can craft a content plan that meets their needs.

Collect the following information about your target audience:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Job title
  • Biggest challenges or pain points
  • Buying behaviors

To gather the information you need, ask your existing customers to tell you about themselves using a survey or questionnaire. Then, study the audience of your competitors to see what pain points they have during their buyer’s journey. Also take the time to search relevant hashtags and trending topics on social media to find the questions that people in your industry are asking to identify what they’re having trouble …

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From Outsourcing to Outpacing: How SaaS Companies Succeed

April 19, 2019

I wrote about the benefits of outsourcing before, and how it lowers costs and increases efficiency. For Software as a service (SaaS) companies, the competition is increasing, and businesses must find a way to meet market demands. Outsourcing allows them to do this.

SaaS is quickly becoming the single most popular method of software delivery for customers around the globe. According to a report by BetterCloud, 73% of businesses say their applications will be SaaS by 2020. And with the fastest growing SaaS companies scaling their teams by 56% each year on average, hiring the right talent is very important. But it can also be their biggest hurdle. Finding talent is a challenge. There are many statistics that explain the skills gap in technology, and this gap is only growing in emerging tech industries. Growing, however, means finding talent that can handle new technology and challenges.

In today’s globalized world economy, outsourcing is often a common consideration for companies. Software outsourcing to Latin America, for instance, is becoming very popular for businesses in the United States because of the high rate of English proficiency and minimal time zone differences. Companies can work in real time with their outsourcing company, which is a plus for many businesses. As SaaS increases in popularity, outsourcing can indeed be an essential component for long term success. Here are three reasons why SaaS companies should consider outsourcing as an option.

1. Rapid and enhanced growth

Software companies are faced with particularly challenging barriers to success. One of the most pressing challenges they face is the rate at which they must grow to prosper.

Company growth depends on a variety of external factors, including market penetration, product adoption and engagement. It also depends on a variety of internal factors, like product development and cost analysis. For …

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