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Day: June 3, 2019

Best Handwriting Recognition Apps

June 3, 2019

If you take notes by hand on your mobile device – either with your finger or a stylus – you know there’s no substitute for a solid handwriting recognition app to make all your scribbles legible. Handwriting recognition has been around for decades, starting with the PalmPilot and the Newton MessagePad from the 1990. These popular PDAs recognized character input with a stylus. You had to write legibly for the Newton to recognize lettering, and you had to learn the Graffiti language for the Palm to do the same.

Many mobile apps let you draw letters, strokes, and shapes onscreen with iOS and Android devices, but only a few recognize, translate or digitize that input. The following apps can automatically recognize and digitize your handwriting.

Some of the apps are free, some operate with integrated keyboards, while others have in-app purchases or fees, or rely on the MyScript AI handwriting recognition and digital ink management engine.

MetaMoJi Note ($7.99)

This colorful notebook, sketchbook and scrapbook app supports voice input, PDF annotation and handwriting-to-text conversion with the Mazec helper app. The app offers a large assortment of pens, calligraphy pens, and inks, graphics and layouts for writing and sketching. You can edit and tag voice memos to visuals or documents, or import a PDF file, mark it up and save it back out as a PDF. You can share notes via email, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr, or store and share files with Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox. You can sync all folders to the MetaMoJi Cloud, which saves and manages up to 2GB documents for free and password-protect your notes.

A Gold Service for $29.99 per year or $4.99 per month gives you additional flexible features, including a shared drive for co-editing documents, interval-based auto sync for backing …

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How to Choose a Customer Service Call Center for Your Business

June 3, 2019

Customer service is a critical aspect of any business, but sometimes managing the phones can become a burden that undercuts daily operations. When answering phones, email messages and customer inquiries becomes a hindrance to operations, it might be time to partner with a call center or answering service. These services enable businesses to outsource their communications management for a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff.

Call centers and answering services often do more than just answer phone calls; in fact, many are rebranding as “contact centers” to reflect this evolution. Many of these services manage every communication channel, including phone lines, email, social media and live web chat. Many will also manage customer orders and engage in advanced services like customer retention and loyalty programs or market research. This guide will help you understand the variety of call center services available and determine which one is right for your business in 2019.buerbey

Answering Services vs. Call Center Services

While they sound similar, there are significant differences between call center services and answering servicesKnowing the differences will help you choose the right type of company for your business. Note that some companies maintain both answering and call center services.

Already know everything you need to know about call center services? Visit Business News Daily’s best picks page to see our recommendations and take a look at our call center service reviews.

Call center services are broad and general. They usually maintain a large number of employees and tend to field a higher volume of calls. They can serve almost any industry, compiling orders, offering customer support and sending the relevant information back to their clients. These services can typically function with a general script and basic information about the client’s business. Call center services usually archive orders …

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How To Start A Business From Business Thought

June 3, 2019

Business insider,Business plan,Business ideas,Online business,Business line,Business letter,Business daily,Business proposal,Business times,Business world,Business newsBeginning your individual business is everyone’s dream. Hence, you may positively arrange an advisory service for it if, even when it’s important to be inventive enough to do so. Hence, it is without doubt one of the finest startup concepts you need to use. The Small Business Administration states, “The development of a complete business plan exhibits whether or not or not a business has the potential to make a profit.” By placing statistics, info, figures and detailed plans in writing, a brand new business has a greater probability of attracting traders to provide the capital wanted for getting began.

A bakery is a sweet business idea you can start, but you need more than baking abilities to achieve success. Because of a mixture of know-how and third social gathering suppliers, it’s simpler than ever to construct a business and begin making gross sales with out getting caught up in sourcing merchandise and managing inventory. Also, if in case you have any plans for future merchandise you’d wish to research and develop, observe them here.

Which Of These 75 Will You Start Immediately?

It’s time to work on your small business plan. In the event you’re looking for online enterprise concepts where many of the hard work has been finished already and you can just leap proper in and start working the show, then purchasing a enterprise on the market is perhaps the best option for you. 1) Not a single Fortune 500 was began with a enterprise plan – not one. The one investment that you just, as somebody seeking to build a brand in this line, must be making is enhancing your on-line presence by advertising on platforms like Fb and LinkedIn and spending a fundamental amount on preserve your website, to ensure that it ranks increased in …

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Survey Shows Disconnect When It Comes to Employee Development

June 3, 2019

  • Nearly 100% of responding employers said they offer employee development tools, but only 26% of employees said those tools work well.
  • About 77% of respondents said they felt alone in their career development process.
  • A third of respondents (34%) said they have left a job in the past because they wanted more career development opportunities.

Regardless of the industry, most jobs require workers to learn new skills and keep up with the times. Although employers believe they offer tools to help their employees do just that, a newly released study suggests they’re failing their employees.

According to a national survey of 310 employers and 1,400 full-time employees, conducted by The Harris Poll for Instructure, roughly 70% of U.S. workers said they were at least “somewhat likely to leave their current company” to work somewhere with a bigger focus on employee learning.

“Today’s workforce has options, and people are clear about the fact that they want to work for companies that will invest in their careers,” said Mitch Benson, senior vice president of product at Instructure.

Workers and employers have differing perspectives on development opportunities.

When it comes to how employees and employers view their current development and learning options, researchers found that perceptions differed wildly. While 98% of employers reported offering career development tools, just 26% of employees said those tools were useful.

Survey data also revealed that although nearly every employer offers career development tools, many want to offer more. When asked about future investments in their businesses, career development tools were the top investment choice for employers. This option received 27%, which was nearly twice as high as any other option. Josh Bersin, a global industry analyst, said this preference may stem from companies not implementing the right employee development options.

“We are now in a stage …

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Turn Tech Time Into Family Time

June 3, 2019

But modern children love using mobile devices to watch, read and play, so it can be tempting to simply let them delve into endless online content while you put your feet up. It’s a challenge that Priyanka Raha, founder and CEO of PopSmartKids, understands firsthand.

“As a mother and technologist working in the corporate world, I was constantly juggling a lot of things for both my family and my career,” said Raha. “When my kids were of the age that they could have independent screen time, I found myself using it as a refuge to keep my kids engaged.”

Image courtesy of Jackie Phairow Photography.

Unfortunately, Raha said, relying on digital devices to hold her sons’ attention had unintended consequences that caused them to withdraw.

“When my sons engaged in creative activities, like painting or building with LEGOs, they would want to share and display what they had done,” she said. “But when they were on their digital devices, they were glued; they were entranced, super focused and did not share what they were doing on their screens.”

“It was as if their devices sucked their attention into a black hole for hours on end, and I didn’t know how to get them out,” she added.

Developing a solution to the ‘black-hole phenomenon’

Raha wanted to find a way to interact with her children without dictating when they could use their devices. She began to sit down with her sons for just a few minutes every day to discuss the things they were watching and playing on their devices. Her goal was always to get them to think beyond the media they were consuming.

What took Raha’s conversations with her children to the next level was the simple concept of storytelling. By walking through the stories with her children, …

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Assimilating Dogs into the Corporate World

June 3, 2019

Dogs in the corporate world used to be regarded as a far-fetched, and sometimes an outrageous idea – you can just imagine the bosses shaking their heads at the idea of letting pets into the office. They used to be considered a nuisance. The pet’s daily routine consisted of home activities and outside play, but in no part of the schedule did they get to catch a glimpse of their owner’s corporate life.

However, more and more companies have become amenable to welcoming dogs in the workplace. Various studies have showcased the advantages of bringing pets into the corporate setting, the first one being that they add positivity to an office. Dogs are fun and entertaining, and they could become potential assets to your company. Studies show that dogs promote a healthier work lifestyle due to adequate balance in work and play. They also increase job satisfaction, encouraging employees to stay longer in the company.

This concept is still a work in progress, especially since there are so many things to consider before you can bring your dog to the workplace. For example, they need to be properly trained so they can adapt to the new environment faster, and to make sure that the coworkers assimilate to the idea of a dog in the workplace. 

Consider the pet’s attitude

People are biased and sensitive when their pets are involved. When a pet misbehaves, there is a tendency to be lenient, which should not be the case. If you find that your dog is not suited to the corporate setting, or if they are not prepared to handle the stress of the workplace, then do not bring them.

You can help your dog acclimate to the workplace by working with a professional dog trainer to correct any unwanted behavior. Companies such …

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Printer Ink Refills: Is Generic Ink a Scam?

June 3, 2019

If you’re a business owner, one of your top priorities is probably saving money. When it comes to cost-cutting strategies, evaluating technology and any supplies for devices like printers and scanners is a typical place to start. Printer ink is a necessity that companies must regularly replace. With it being repurchased so frequently, the costs for ink and other consumables can quickly add up. This has led many companies to look to generic brands as one option for reducing expenses. But are they good enough?

Is generic ink the way to go?

Printer ink may be one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. Generic offerings are often marketed at much lower prices than name-brand inks, and the instant savings could seem very beneficial. But less expensive isn’t always the better choice.

Generic printer ink is as widely available as name brands. You can purchase it on third-party sites and at your typical tech retailer and big-box stores. When you’re comparing prices, the reward of saving money can seemingly outweigh the cost. Cost savings for generic ink are often in the 50% range, and what makes these options even more appealing is that many generic ink cartridges contain more product than name-brand ones.

However, while generic ink is less expensive, be careful which brands you choose. Some generic brands come at the expense of quality. You’ll need to ensure your ink cartridge is compatible with your printer, so it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer if there’s any doubt. Also, consider your priorities: If your business is more concerned about the quality of your prints than the cost, then it might be better to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Editor’s note: Looking for a digital copier for your business? If you’re looking for information to help you

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How To Write Click-Worthy Headlines For Your Blog Posts

June 3, 2019

With so much competition out there, it’s getting more and more difficult to catch readers’ attention and convince them to click on your article headline rather than someone else’s. That’s why it’s essential to decode what headlines are click-worthy to your audience and which ones they’ll easily ignore.

According to CopyBlogger, 80 percent of users never make it past the headline. If you can’t figure out how to craft headlines relative to your audience’s interests, that’s a massive opportunity wasted where you could’ve seen an increase in conversions and engagement.

If you want to learn how to write click-worthy headlines for your blog posts, here are a few ways to get started.

Use emotional vocabulary

Users come across hundreds if not thousands of headlines a day urging them to click through. Online advertisements in the form of blog posts run rampant as companies are constantly trying to grab their audience’s attention and drive traffic to their website. That’s why it’s important to appeal emotionally to your target market so that they have more reason to click through.

The Advanced Marketing Institute breaks emotional headlines into three categories:

  • Intellectual: Words you use when offering products and services that require users’ evaluation

  • Empathetic: Words that provoke strong, positive emotions in users

  • Spiritual: Words that appeal to your audience on a deeper, meaningful level

You can use the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer to see how well your headline does in terms of appealing emotionally to your audience. It uses the different categories of emotion to give you a score that will help you decide how to optimize your headline to get more clicks and engagement.

Research by CoSchedule found that articles with a high number of social shares had higher EMV scores than articles that didn’t get shared as much. The higher …

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