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Day: June 10, 2019

9 Things You Should Never Do After a Job Interview

June 10, 2019

The interview is the toughest part of the job application process – it can be nerve-wracking and intense, and is often difficult to prepare for.

Your actions after the interview, however, are just as important as the prep work you did prior to the interview and your performance during the interview.

You may have impressed your interviewer during the meeting, but you need to maintain that positive image once you leave the office.

Business News Daily spoke to hiring experts to find out what you should not do both during and after the interview, as well as how you can recover if you slipped up during the interview. [See Related Story: The No. 1 Thing to Avoid Doing in a Job Interview] 

1. Follow up too much

It’s alright (and even expected) that you follow up after the interview, but don’t overwhelm your potential employer with multiple messages and phone calls. If you reach out too often, you’re going to turn off the hiring manager.

“Many of us have been programmed to send thank-you notes immediately following an interview, and sometimes that’s the right plan, but … be respectful of any communication parameters the interviewer may [have] set,” said Jodi Chavez, president, Randstad Professionals and Life Sciences at Randstad US. “For example, if your interviewer requests email communication, stick to that and don’t reach for the phone.”

Additionally, she added, your follow-ups will differ depending on how far along you are in the interviewing process.

“In general, the earlier you are in the process, the more quickly you should check in,” said Chavez. “An initial phone interview with no response may require follow-up within the week. However, you may want to wait seven to 10 days after a second or third interview.”

During the interview, you should ask …

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How to Join the Contributor Program 5 (2)

June 10, 2019

How to Join the Contributor Program Business Company Backed by a community of experts, the platform is designed to connect small business owners, industry experts and vendors through a wide array of services, tools and insights. We pride ourselves on featuring relevant content, proven strategies and information you can trust. You could be the source for that relevant and authoritative content if you join our contributor program.

What is the contributor program?

The contributor program is a unique platform where industry experts can submit original content to be considered for publication on our site. It is completely free. At, we know that the best advice comes from those who have been there and done that. Experience is a fantastic teacher, and we believe that your one-of-a-kind knowledge is priceless.

How do I know if I’m a good match for the contributor program?

We are selective when determining who to accept as a contributor. This program is strictly reserved for community members who are experts in the small-to-medium business environment.

What do we mean by “expert”? Use the following criteria to self-evaluate. How many boxes do you check? If it’s more than one, you’re likely to be accepted.

  • You have been running your business or working in your current industry for several years.
  • You are knowledgeable across more than one part of the business.
  • You consider your business to be in the growth or established stage.
  • Your business model is profitable.
  • You have tested, analyzed and successfully identified your exact target market.
  • Your business has a portfolio of product or service reviews collected from previous customers or clients.
  • You have previously been recognized, spoken at a public event, or been interviewed by a reputable source about your business and/or experience in the industry.

What are the benefits

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How to Build Organizational Resilience

June 10, 2019

The fear of burnout means companies are increasingly aware that building resilience strategies for their leaders and employees will be key in navigating this market turbulence. Research shows that high levels of leadership resilience correlate with higher job satisfaction, organizational commitment and work engagement; but few companies fully understand just what resilience is or how best to cultivate it in their workplace. Rather, many employ decades-old management practices that are stubbornly out of touch with today’s workforce.

Contrary to popular belief, resilience is not an inborn quality; it’s a skill that requires practice. Here are three ways a company can begin to build resilience among its leaders and employees.

1. Resilience needs to start at the top.

An organization’s leaders must talk the talk and walk the walk. They must model best practices and provide their employees with the language they need to think and talk about resilience. Leaders should build strong relationships with and among their employees, which in turn will create stronger support systems for workers to rely on in stressful situations. They must not wait to begin forming those connections during or after a crisis.

Innovative organizations dedicate time to both the initial learning efforts and conversations about what employees are learning. Conversations should be designed around helping employees debrief about what they have accomplished so far and forecast where they should go next. Leaders must learn to tolerate failure and mistakes, knowing their team is working hard to move forward.

2. Go beyond simple “well-being” practices.

Many organizations already recognize the importance of supporting their employees’ well-being. It is increasingly common for companies to provide their workers with free fitness classes, nutrition education or occasional visits from a masseuse. They may provide employees with mindfulness courses or give them extra time off from work. These are …

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Property Leases: What SMBs Need to Know

June 10, 2019

  • The key to signing the right business lease is research. As a start, research the building owner, landlord, zoning laws, environmental expectations and nuisance laws.
  • Know how much you have to pay, what exactly you’re covering and how much your rent will increase each year. Some leases include extra payments, like utilities, insurance, or maintenance, while others fold all your expenses into one monthly lump sum.
  • Establish details on how your lease will be transferred in the event your business closes or you move. Two examples include assignment of the lease, which allows another business owner to fully take it over, and subletting.

Signing a lease is a rite of passage for any new business owner. Whether you’re opening a store, moving into an office space, or renting out facilities for production, at some point, you’re probably going to have to put pen to paper and reserve a space for your business. The world of commercial real estate can be complicated, and it can sometimes take years to find the space you’re looking for. Once you’ve done the legwork and found the space, signing the contract could feel like an annoying final step to get over with so you can get moved in and focused on running your business. As with most legal agreements, a business lease shouldn’t be treated in a cursory way.

“You have to do a lot of planning when you’re moving from one space to another,” said Walter Gumersell, partner with Rivkin Radler. “Confirm the terms that you’re going to be taking – rent, security deposit, term of the lease and the use of the space is key. You want that to be as broad as possible.”

It should be no surprise that the fine print in a commercial lease is very important. There are …

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How Entrepreneurs Can Stop Burnout Syndrome

June 10, 2019

The World Health Organization recently updated the definition of burnout under ICD-11 for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics. Burnout is now defined as a “syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

The characteristics surrounding burnout are not unfamiliar-sounding ones. Signs include feelings of exhaustion, feelings of negativity toward one’s job, an increased mental distancing from the position, and a lack of productivity and efficacy.

The World Health Organization notes that the phenomena of burnout applies specifically to the occupational context. Previously, burnout was defined as somewhere between not being able to do work while not being sick in a traditional sense. The updated definition is now recognized as a legitimate syndrome.

Countless individuals, from full-time employees to entrepreneurs, suffer from workplace-related stress — wait, hold on. What about entrepreneurs? These are the same individuals that exit jobs to pursue their passions and become their own bosses. While small business owners are reported to have a strong outlook for 2019, they have to be careful they do not suffer symptoms of burnout syndrome.

If an entrepreneur finds that he or she is suffering from burnout, what’s the best thing they can do to remedy the situation?

Slow down.

Entrepreneurs tend to maintain a go-go-go pace with their startups. This is particularly true of the early days in business. Every day is a make or break moment as the entrepreneur focuses on increasing revenue, building brand awareness and growing their customer base. They are pulling out every stop possible to sustain the business. Self-care gets shelved for later. The small business needs to be the top priority.

Being “on” for the unforeseeable future isn’t a long-term strategy. If anything, it paves a faster road to burnout — made all the more unfortunate because that means …

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Online Marketing Efforts

June 10, 2019

Those looking for advice can solicit it from their peers, while others can share their extensive expertise with those who need it.   

It’s that peer-to-peer give and take that makes the community such a valuable part of Overall, the site has more than 190,000 members from around the globe. The community is able to thrive like it does because of our members’ eagerness to drive conversations, whether through asking questions, answering questions or contributing articles.

Each month, we spotlight one of our community members for their contributions. This month we are recognizing Rolando Herrera, co-owner and vice president of marketing for the Texas-based Insignia SEO.

Digital marketing advice

Herrera is a frequent contributor to the community. Specifically, he shares his vast knowledge of best marketing and SEO practices via’s contributing author program. The program allows expert members of the community to submit their own articles for publication.

Rolando Herrera

In another article Herrera wrote this year, he highlights what small business owners need to know about online marketing. He says the concept of marketing relies on one fundamental objective: building solid relationships with your clientele through effective research and advertising.”Digital marketing requires businesses to take a patient, multifaceted approach with a huge payoff on the back end,” Herrera wrote in the article. “If you are willing to reconsider the fundamentals of your marketing approach, you can see the traffic numbers that you want.”   

“Even if you’re selling a time machine or a map to the Fountain of Youth, you won’t achieve any financial growth unless your target audience knows what your products or services are,” Herrera wrote. “For this, you’ll need an effective strategy that will leverage your marketing goals and sustain the profitability of your business.”

He says small businesses would be best …

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The Biometric Time and Attendance System Laws You Should Know

June 10, 2019

  • Biometric time and attendance systems use fingerprint, facial, palm or iris scans to record work time.
  • Illinois, Texas and Washington all have laws in place governing how the biometrics are recorded, stored and used.
  • Businesses in those states need to understand the laws and make sure they have policies for how consent is gathered, how the data is stored, and how and when it is destroyed.
  • Employees can refuse to provide biometric scans, but employers can terminate them for it.
  • All businesses should be aware of these laws, because other states have similar pending legislation.

There was a time when using a fingerprint or facial scan in the workplace was reserved for highly sensitive jobs or top-secret government positions. Today, however, biometrics are increasingly common in all types of businesses.

Its tie-in to time and attendance systems is contributing to the increase in biometric data collection in the workplace. Many of today’s time and attendance systems offer the options of recording employee time by fingerprint, palm, iris or facial scan.

However, as these types of systems become more prominent, numerous legal issues around their use are arising. While currently only several states have laws on the books regulating how biometrics can be used in the workplace, that doesn’t mean more states won’t follow suit. With that in mind, Kevin Kelly, a partner in Locke Lord’s Labor & Employment group, said all businesses should be aware of these issues.

“Businesses need to be aware of the significant compliance requirements associated with implementing biometric time and attendance systems,” Kelly said. “An employer’s failure to have a proper compliance program in place can result in significant liability.”

Biometric time and attendance systems

Tracking employee attendance and time is a critical task for many businesses. Without accurate records, employers could be paying employees …

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Business Plan Necessities

June 10, 2019

Business insider,Business plan,Business ideas,Online business,Business line,Business letter,Business daily,Business proposal,Business times,Business world,Business newsWith an rising desire for many to escape the rat race and make money working from home, many people are trying to start a home-primarily based business. The market analysis part is one of the most important parts of your business plan as it should allow you to achieve a better understanding of your trade. Running a blog is among one of the best on-line enterprise ideas. Webinars current online marketers with a platform to interact and have interaction with an viewers that is greater than keen to purchase whatever it’s they are selling.

Now we have already lined such enterprise ideas here You’ll be able to verify which is finest suitable for you from the listing of one hundred sixty enterprise ideas. Now, Affiliate marketing online is principally when you find yourself rewarded for helping a business promote and promote its product. Together with your ideas for a sustainable future, you will act as an advisor on methods to alter business processes to be extra eco-friendly without breaking the bank.

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When selecting a enterprise idea, it’s sensible to look at your strengths, ability set, and stuff you’re already obsessed with. Any properly-established brand or enterprise you identify at present has a social media handle to manage its advertising and advertising and marketing to dish out sales and earn larger earnings. As soon as again, this is a great small business concept with low funding. Copywriters usually have a level in promoting, marketing, English, or communication, but a superb author can do an excellent job copywriting.

In a business plan, a business proprietor tasks revenues and expenses for a sure period of time, and describes operational exercise and prices related to the business. The best enterprise ideas are born out of solving problems. …

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