Assimilating Dogs into the Corporate World

Dogs in the corporate world used to be regarded as a far-fetched, and sometimes an outrageous idea – you can just imagine the bosses shaking their heads at the idea of letting pets into the office. They used to be considered a nuisance. The pet’s daily routine consisted of home activities and outside play, but in no part of the schedule did they get to catch a glimpse of their owner’s corporate life.

However, more and more companies have become amenable to welcoming dogs in the workplace. Various studies have showcased the advantages of bringing pets into the corporate setting, the first one being that they add positivity to an office. Dogs are fun and entertaining, and they could become potential assets to your company. Studies show that dogs promote a healthier work lifestyle due to adequate balance in work and play. They also increase job satisfaction, encouraging employees to stay longer in the company.

This concept is still a work in progress, especially since there are so many things to consider before you can bring your dog to the workplace. For example, they need to be properly trained so they can adapt to the new environment faster, and to make sure that the coworkers assimilate to the idea of a dog in the workplace. 

Consider the pet’s attitude

People are biased and sensitive when their pets are involved. When a pet misbehaves, there is a tendency to be lenient, which should not be the case. If you find that your dog is not suited to the corporate setting, or if they are not prepared to handle the stress of the workplace, then do not bring them.

You can help your dog acclimate to the workplace by working with a professional dog trainer to correct any unwanted behavior. Companies such as ProTrain offer a personalized dog training plan that could be very beneficial for your dog and for you. It provides obedience training that is guaranteed effective. Its training serves as the ground to foster a smoother transition from home life to corporate life.

Is behavior modification necessary?

This is a question that you need to answer before bringing your dog to the office. If your pet is old enough, but still has attention-seeking habits or any behavioral problems, then it might be time to consider bringing them to experts in behavior modification for dogs. These issues are often chronic and more expensive to cure if you do nothing about it. This is another specialty of a professional dog trainer such as the team at ProTrain. They are well-versed in dog whispering and keeping your dog in check so they become office-ready.

Bring the essentials

When your dog has been prepared physically and emotionally for a visit to the workplace, you can start planning a doggie bag that contains their must-haves for when you bring them to the workplace. Make sure to bring everything that they may need; it’s always good to be extra prepared so that you do not need to head out and buy anything you have forgotten. Some of the essentials are chew toys, treats, food and a dog bed so they can take quick naps. Performing the same caretaking rituals in the workplace as in their home life is critical in assimilating your pet to the workplace.

The bottom line

No dog is ever too old to be trained so they can finally experience your other world – the workplace. The corporate life is a stressful and demanding environment, but your pet would find reasons to like it if you help them build confidence and develop correct behavior. More importantly, bringing them in the office benefits you and coworkers, too – a win-win situation for everyone.

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