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Buying Guide For The Best Luggage Sets

Planning to go for a business trip, conference, or a reunion? A bag comes in handy to ensure you have a comfortable carry for all your essentials. There are some factors you need to consider before settling on a suitable choice. They are as follows:

Purpose of the luggage

The right carry-on depends on the length of the trip, the number of items and also the weather condition. Consider the load amount you travel. If you are a frequent traveler for work meetings and stay about 3-5 days, go for a unit measuring between 23-24 inches. This is a medium-sized bag that can accommodate a considerable amount of valuables. For a weekend getaway, luggage between 18-20 inches is an ideal choice as it also fits international carry standards.

Brand of the bag

The next thing to look out for is the brand of the pack. A company that has been in operational for long knows what the customer wants and ensures it meets the needs of each individual. That does not mean that the newer manufacturers don’t create quality luggage, but one that has an excellent customer reputation is something to consider.


A guarantee of the longevity of the bag will help you have a smooth return in case of problems. This will ensure you have confidence in using the luggage for a specified period without such issues as zippers breaking, material fading, quick wear, and much more. The longer the warranty period, the better for you even if you use it in harsh conditions, the company stand behind their policies.

Check the Weight of The Luggage

We understand the bag should be quality-made and should have the right weight. When you travel, you carry your valuables that might be minimal or fully stuffed such as clothes, laptop, books and much more. For a constant traveler, they worry about weight restrictions and limits at the airport. If the carry on is heavy without putting a single item, it might force you to bring with you lesser stuff than you intend. Also, for a person who wants a practical bag without too many features, a Duffel is a better choice that a suitcase due to its lightweight elements.

The material of The Luggage

The most common type of bags is hard and softcover. Leather is used for the latter because of its durability to withstand extreme use and changing weather conditions. Also, it has the right weight, not too light, not too heavy. Unfortunately, this fabric is expensive and a poor scratch resistance over time, so put this in mind when choosing luggage made from this fabric. The other element is ballistic nylon, which is sturdy and tough than the rest best to handle wear and tear. Although this material does not have an appealing effect, unlike leather, it gives you a stain-proof service.

Go through this guide and pick the best luggage sets reviews for you to have a reliable and comfortable carry. Remember to check the weight and material of the bag to know which items to carry without limiting yourself.

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