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Closing A Sale

How to QC Your Lead Follow-Up System

June 16, 2019

Even if you have a great product or service, you need someone to sell it to potential customers and bring in future partners to help your business grow. Part of having a good sales process is quality control, or QC. This is a business term for constant reflection: the sales process, specifically, the lead follow-up process, is one that should constantly be audited and adjusted. Viewing the entire process as fluid can help your company stay dynamic and lead to meaningful growth.

“That sales process has to be a part of the entire culture of the organization, because sales is not just about finding customers, it’s about finding the right customers,” said Mike Black, CEO and founder of Inciting Marketing Solutions. Black said that he started his company after viewing a gap in the industry, and constant auditing of his overall sales process is one of the factors that lead to his company’s overall growth.

Before diving into how to properly analyze internal processes, it’s important to understand the nature of QC and why it’s a vital part of the sales process.

Why QC is important in sales

Part of any good business process is constant refinement. After all, if you can’t recognize inefficiencies or inconsistencies, adjust your process and better your business, how can you expect your business to succeed? Black went as far to say, “lead generation is useless if the sales team cannot close, and closing leads has everything to do with following a reliable sales process.”

Black also said oftentimes many slowdowns or issues with clients are the result of the initial sales process – the sales process should be for vetting potential clients to see if they’d be good partners as much as it is about selling your own product or service. In nature, …

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