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How to Boost E-commerce Sales With Instagram Live

May 22, 2019

Instagram allows you to show off eye-catching images of your products to shoppers, and the new Instagram Checkout feature was made to help e-commerce businesses increase their conversions right from the app. With Instagram, you can get your products seen by hordes of shoppers.

While you may already be posting product images on Instagram, have you been utilizing Instagram Live? Instagram Live is a feature on Instagram Stories that allows brands to engage with their followers and customers in real time. According to Hootsuite, 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. Plus, a third of the most viewed Stories are created by businesses.

Want more Instagram users to flock to your online store and buy? Here’s how to boost e-commerce sales with Instagram Live.

1. Get personal.

One of the main reasons your customers will tune into your Instagram Live videos is to get to know you and your brand better. The last thing you want to do is create a lifeless video that’s all sell, sell, sell. Consumers want to feel a connection with a brand, so seeing the face behind the company is a good start to building that connection. Aside from just showing your face, though, you need to tell a story and get personal.

You don’t have to tell your audience your deepest, darkest secrets, of course. All you have to do is give them a little insight into who you are, what’s important to you and why you do what you do. Not only do you need to tell your audience why you care, you also need to tell them why they should care. Make it interesting and engaging, though, not like a sales pitch. When you open up to your audience and build a real connection with them, they’ll be more likely …

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Low on Funds? How to Market Your Business for Free

May 20, 2019

Nowadays, many bootstrap minded business owners have found ways to navigate tackling their marketing details to bring in sales with little to no money upfront. Here are four tips you can use to do the same.

Ask for referrals from your customers and clients

The best form of publicity and marketing is word of mouth. People love hearing first-hand accounts of other people’s buying experiences. Consider Google and Yelp reviews. If you leave a review, they’ll email you to tell you how much your review is being seen by others. You want your customers to love being a patron of yours so much that they leave honest reviews that help attract you more business.

When you are strapped for cash, the people who do love your products or services can be your walking billboards. Leverage the people you already have connections with to bring in more potential buyers. Offer incentives that entice people to be an advocate for you.

Use your social media platforms to plug your business

For so long, social media platforms were the perfect avenue for marketing small businesses. Due to “friends” and “followers,” many new business owners had ready-made pools of potential customers at their fingertips. Now that these social media platforms have found ways to monetize the efforts of businesses who want to advertise, small business owners have had to start investing to get seen.

There is a workaround, however. It centers around you being intentional about every interaction you have on social media. From status updates to commenting or engaging in groups, use every opportunity you can find to let people know what you have to offer. If you run across someone asking a question that your expertise can offer a solution to, answer it.

Also, connect with others in similar industries as yours. …

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5 Tips to Improving Your Social Media Marketing

May 15, 2019

You already know your target audience is scouring these platforms and staying active sharing content and interacting with brands. What’s important is how you leverage this information so you end up with the best results possible for your business.

Here are five social media trends you should pay attention to if you are looking to boost your marketing strategy and put your brand on top:

Personalized content

Since each individual has different needs, it can be difficult to create social media content that’s personalized to your audience. While it may be a tough task, it’s not impossible. Taking time to analyze your analytics will tell you exactly what your audience wants, what interests them, and how you can cater to their needs. Personalizing your content to your target market will get you much further than spewing out generic posts that don’t appeal much to anyone.

It’s best to start with content that offers value for free. Beyond analytics, ask your audience what they want to see more of. Most social platforms allow you to set up polls and surveys so that your followers can answer questions or vote on a topic. This will give you insight into what they want more of so you can grow your following effectively while keeping your current followers happy and intrigued.

Live streaming

Over the last couple of years, live streaming video has taken off and worked wonders for brands. More and more social platforms are seeing spikes in user engagement and interaction by adopting live streaming as a way to connect with users.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have live stream functionality. It’s become the newest way to connect with your audience and increase traffic to your content. Viewers love getting a look behind-the-scenes of their favorite brands and getting to know more …

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How to Improve Your Customer Experience for Gen Z

May 14, 2019

There’s a good reason why those who are trying to build strong customer experiences want to target Gen Z. As of 2018, Gen Z has about 143 billion dollars in spending power. Due to their impact on the market, business owners are trying to build an engaging customer experience based on the personality traits and trends observed in Generation Z.  

Here are a few marketing techniques and strategies you can employ to make your business appealing to the newest generation of consumers:

Listen to their feedback

Previously, the primary concern of consumers was whether or not the product they were buying worked effectively. While that’s still a concern with Gen Z, they also have the desire to give feedback and to see their thoughts and opinions implemented within the products or services they purchase.

IBM released a study in 2018 that revealed some shocking statistics about Gen Z and how they interact with the brands they use. The study revealed that 76 percent of Generation Z want brands to respond to their concerns and feedback.

There are numerous ways you can ask your audience for feedback on your product or service. One way is to create a customer satisfaction survey on your website where you ask pointed questions, such as “If anything, what would you change about this product/service?” This question will make your audience more likely to voice their concerns. You can then use their feedback to implement changes, providing you have enough data to make such a change.

This will result in customers feeling as if their feedback is having a meaningful impact on the structure of your business, which improves the overall customer experience and engagement.

Use a mobile-friendly design

At this point, we all know that it’s crucial our business has a crisp and clean …

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How to Find the Right PR Firm

May 14, 2019

Small and midsized companies often outsource their PR work entirely to agencies to control cost and payroll while still tapping into important opportunities for increased exposure and growth. On the other hand, enterprise businesses generally employ a dedicated PR team, which will hire and work hand in hand with the company’s PR agency to, among other things, execute broader organizational objectives, conduct media outreach, assist in crisis communications and develop key messaging and more.

But every business, every industry, every CEO and every marketing/communications/PR team is different – and therefore has their own unique set of needs and goals for a PR engagement. So how do you determine if a specific PR agency isn’t just good at what they do, but is the right fit for your business?

While finding the right agency can often feel like spinning a roulette wheel, it doesn’t have to. Asking a few key questions up front and knowing what to look for in an agency’s responses can go a long way toward helping identify an agency that can deliver and help contribute to your company’s broader objectives. Some questions you should be asking include:

How are you going to get us covered if we don’t have a lot of news?

This is crucial. Not every business has a steady stream of important product or organizational news to drive coverage. Even the biggest companies will have lulls. You want to find a PR agency that won’t use company announcements as a crutch, or as the sole driver for enhancing your visibility and media presence.

Pay attention to how they plan to make you a part of broader media stories in your industry, in your local markets or otherwise of interest to your target audience. Are they planning to establish a thought leadership program to proactively …

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