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Re-Engage Life: Jump Starting Your Personal Economy

June 23, 2019

I watch way too much TV. If I am not working or out with friends, I can be found in front of my 50 inch flat screen, surrounded by speakers from my home theater system. Between Netflix, DIRECTV, Hulu, and VUDU there is always something for me to watch. I have always been a fan of movies and epic drama TV series’, but the problem is that more and more TV has become my addiction. I don’t even like what is on anymore. Quality and originality have gone out the door (with a few exceptions of course… can you say “Burn Notice?”) and still I sit, captivated by bright colors and surround sound, hoping that something better will be on next… or after that.

In reality, I don’t watch that much TV. I work too much to watch more than a couple of hours a day, but it has become my primary pastime during my downtime and this worries me. I used to go for walks, read, write in my journal, chat with distant friends and family on the phone, or just take a drive. Now these things seem to happen less and less.

This article is not really about the woes of watching TV. Primetime is simply a conduit for a much bigger problem that many of us face and meet in our own ways. Today, we have disengaged. Many of us are discouraged by the economy of the last years, fearful of our political future, and worried about what woes tomorrow may bring. Many of us have surrendered our willpower to fate. Where once we thought hard work, ethical behavior, and strong moral values would propel us forward, we are now stuck with “forward” merely being a campaign slogan while we all sit motionless, living out our lives …

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